Muslim Migrants and the Religious Left

A Multitude of Excuses

Why are so many Western Christians either silent about, or actually complicit in, the Muslim hegira to the West?  One would think Christians would be at the forefront of opposition.  Some are, but most are not, and these latter include Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, mainline “Protestants,” and evangelicals in America.  These churches have made four claims.  First, the Bible requires Christians to accept the mass migration of non-European and non-Christian peoples into their lands.  Second, Western values and principles require the same.  Third, by welcoming and helping Muslim immigrants and refugees Christians will win the hearts of Muslims and turn many into Christians, or at least into friends.  Fourth, if we do not welcome them, they will turn on us and become terrorists.

It is significant that, other than the first (the biblical one), these assertions are identical to what politicians, the punditry, officialdom, and “experts” will say when their policies of interventionism and immigrationism are challenged or opposed.  On this issue the evangelical and Catholic apologists for Islam are allied with the left-wing secular establishment.  And not just rhetorically: The charitable arms of these churches are being paid by the federal government to help resettle Muslim refugees across the United States.  In fact, five of the nine government contractors...

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