Muslim Crimes in Britain

During the last few months in Britain there have been yet more revelations of new Muslim crimes and detailed confirmations of older ones.

In 2014 Lutfur Rahman, a Muslim, was elected for a second term as the mayor of Tower Hamlets, a London borough where one third of the population is Muslim.  This April a judge declared the poll result null and void because of Rahman’s use of corrupt and illegal methods to win the election.  Rahman has been banned from seeking office again and ordered to pay total costs of $1.5 million, nearly $400,000 of which he had to pay immediately.  Much of the Tower Hamlets corruption was obvious—the taking away of grants from worthwhile charities such as the Alzheimer’s Society in order to hand them out to Muslim groups (some of which had not even asked for them) to bribe them into voting for him; the intimidation of voters; vote rigging, particularly in the use of postal votes; and threats of violence against rival candidates and journalists.  Most of this wrongdoing had been widely known for a long time and even written about in the press, but the local police looked at the evidence tardily and halfheartedly and declined to act on the 131 complaints of electoral malpractice brought to them.  The judge said of these officers that “An unkind person might remark that the policemen had appeared to take as their role model the legendary Three Wise Monkeys.”


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