Between the Lines

Muse of Apollo

Is it really necessary to explain why President Trump’s proposed Space Force would be a boon to humankind?  Do I have to contrast such a noble project with the other possible uses to which our tax dollars would be put?  Perhaps a study of how transsexuals are prone to certain color combinations.  Or one on racism’s effect on the rat population of Oswego County.  Agricultural sexism, a countrywide survey.  Had enough?

Billions flow out of the U.S. Treasury and into the waiting bank accounts of fraudsters, crazies, and outright criminals.  This penumbra of corruption that hangs over Washington like a monstrous cloud is why Donald Trump was elected in the first place: He pledged to dissipate it with a blast of fresh air.  That hasn’t happened, but one doesn’t have to be a fan of “infrastructure” to know that there is at least one deserving government program that is perpetually starved for funding: the space program.

It inspired us in the 1960’s: Every male child worth his salt had his spacesuit, and we breathed what we imagined to be the atmosphere of the future.  We watched the Jetsons with their flying cars on that new instrument of mass communication, the television, and faced the world and the prospect of the future with the optimism that is distinctively American.  Back then, kids fantasized about being the first man on the moon; today,...

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