Cultural Revolutions

Murder by Leftism

In early May, four people lost their lives when rioters set fire to a bank in downtown Athens, then prevented rescue workers from reaching the facility.  Those deaths serve as a warning by leftists and anarchists that anyone who dares to work during a declared strike will lose his life.  At the time of this writing, the killers are still at large, perhaps an indication of the unwillingness of the socialist government to arrest and prosecute them.

Of course, their arrest would tarnish the left’s image and uncover the unholy alliance between the government and the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary left in liberalizing social relations.  If among the killers there were immigrants, as witnesses and police suggest, there would be an uproar against the new naturalization law.  As the November municipal elections are approaching, the government’s political dilemmas continue to grow.

On May 5, during a mass antigovernment demonstration, anarchists and left-wing activists noticed that people were working at Marfin Bank, which was in their path.  They broke the glass of the branch office with sledgehammers and threw flammable liquids and Molotov cocktails inside.  Then they cheered as the bank employees were burned alive.  One of the victims was a young woman who was four months pregnant.

The cause of the demonstration was the new “austerity measures” imposed on Greece by the troika...

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