Mr. Trump and His Gorilla

Who would have thought that, 20 years after Pat Buchanan’s failed presidential bid, a billionaire New York real-estate developer and reality-television star would win the Republican presidential nomination running on the same issues Buchanan campaigned on in 1996, and with the same unifying theme of putting America (and Americans) first?  Yet it has happened.  Not only that, but this man has a solid chance of winning the general election (against the wife of the sitting president of 1996).  For the record, this reviewer believes he will win, and so does the author of this fiery and intellectually brilliant polemic.

This book burns with a pure and righteous rage.  It’s hilariously funny.  Its arguments are devastating to the p.c. pieties of our therapeutic elite.  And it smokes out the Republicans and their hangers-on—the pollsters, pundits, politicos, and “strategists”—revealing them to be a bunch of mercenary hacks whose only thought is “How much publicity and profit can I garner by telling lies and selling out my country and its people?”  The only group of Washingtonians that comes off worse in the book’s pages are the execrable “news” media, whose first principle seems to be “The truth is too dangerous to report, especially if it helps Trump.”  The media’s mendacity is on full display in this campaign.


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