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Mr. Kaine and the Muslim

Though Democrats in Virginia are generally more fiscally conservative than their brethren in such tax-and-spend environs as Massachusetts or New York, some issues require them to adopt the boilerplate liberal platitudes and positions.  Immigration is one of them.  Islam is another.  Together, the two are a ticking time bomb, perhaps literally.  The governor of Virginia is a Catholic named Tim Kaine, and, in September, those issues blew up in his face.

The commonwealth had concocted a useless something called the Commission on Immigration.  You’d think such a panel might comprise native-born Americans, given that they, after all, have the most to lose when the teeming horde of foreigners washing over the state finally takes over.  Instead, Kaine went dumpster diving into the immigrant community and found a treasure to appoint in Dr. Esam Omeish, a Muslim.  It was all in the name of “diversity” and “inclusion,” of course.

Well, it wasn’t long before Kaine’s appointment went kaboom, and Omeish was forced to resign.  It seems the good doctor is an extremist who showed up in a video on YouTube ranting, in typical Muslim fashion, about Zionists and jihad.  He is the president of the Muslim American Society, which, like all good American Muslim societies, burbles the usual banalities about tolerance and democracy and respect for the rule of...

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