Mr. Bush and the Mexican Murderer

When he was governor of Texas, President George W. Bush presided over the execution of 152 murderers.  Yet today, as if to turn the phrase “Don’t mess with Texas” on its head, El Presidente wants to stop the Lone Star State from giving the hot shot to a Mexican murderer and rapist.

As disturbing as José Medellin’s heinous crime are the lengths to which Bush has gone to protect him from the chilling gush of the executioner’s hypodermic: The President has backed Medellin’s argument before the U.S. Supreme Court that Texas must, in deference to the will of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), give him another hearing.  The Supreme Court will make its ruling sometime this spring, and its decision could affect the cases of 50 other Mexicans on death row.

Medellin’s notoriety arises from his enthusiastic participation in one of the more brutal deeds in the annals of illegal-alien crime.  It began with two innocent girls who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On June 24, 1993, Jennifer Ertman (14) and Elizabeth Pena (16) were walking home from a friend’s apartment in Houston, Texas, just before midnight.  Their route took them through a city park, where Medellin and other members of the Black and Whites gang, including one juvenile and Derrick Sean O’Brien, a black man, were drinking and “beating in”...

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