Under the Black Flag

More Knee-Slappers

One of the great knee-slappers, however perverse, of the so-called War on Terror is the fact that fundamentalist Islamic forces are stronger than ever as a result.  It is like going on a crash diet for a month and putting on 20 pounds.  In the 12 years since George W. first uttered those three little words, the jihadists have multiplied exponentially and are now the major force in the Middle East.  Like the palooka who got knocked out and asks, once awake, what happened, Uncle Sam seems to have got his private parts in a hell of a jam.  I was among the first to have cheered when Libyans rose against Qaddafi, and cheered even more when someone shot him up the rear, but I am a young man—only 77—and tend to get carried away.  Unlike the rest of the fools—the Camerons, the Sarkozys, and, yes, even the Obamas—I am the first to say sorry and admit I was a clown.  Libya’s chaos is spilling across the region, and 15 million rifles and other weapons are fueling chaos and insurrection all over Africa.  This includes Somalia, Nigeria, Niger, and the Central African Republic.  What is not surprising is the silence from those who should have known better and are now playing dumb: the media, our political leaders, and the pundits of the Beltway—pompous blow-dried asses whose total knowledge is less than any eight-year-old with a bit of common sense.


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