Moon-Man Religion

American Christians love to deceive themselves.  They close their eyes and pretend that the government’s war against their religion is a temporary aberration; they insist—against all the evidence—that Abraham Lincoln was a Christian; and, when some federal judge dictates a decree stripping the town square of its cross and crèche or tearing down the Ten Commandments from a courthouse, they solemnly declare that this act of usurpation is an outrage against the Christian founders of this Christian nation.  So long as this pretense is maintained, effective action to protect Christian institutions will never be taken.

The leaders of the American Revolution and the Framers of the Constitution were men of their time.  Some were devout Christians, but many of them were deists who approved of Christianity only insofar as it was compatible with the deeper religion of nature revealed to the builders of the pyramids and of Solomon’s temple and passed down to adepts like Iamblichus, Hermes Trismegistus, Marsilio Ficino, Giordano Bruno, and, most recently, to Montesquieu and Voltaire.  Churches were to be tolerated provided they were prepared to tolerate one another and not attempt to stick their noses too far into the business of the state.  Such a distinction between Church and state was utterly incompatible with the Christian religion practiced by Christ and His Apostles, by the Catholic...

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