Mongrels All! or, Slaves With New Masters

Of late, our demographic soothsayers have been assuring us that by 2040 or thereabouts America will no longer be a Caucasian-majority country, and that with the eclipse of the white majority there will be, to belabor the obvious, no majority culture.  For many this is cause for celebration.  Among minorities, or at least those who are routinely paraded before the cyclopean eye of the television camera, the fading of the white majority seems to promise a number of benefits, including more diverse political representation at every level of government, as well as the dissolution of the assumption of racial superiority and privilege that, as we are ceaselessly informed, is so deeply embedded in the “social construction” of white identity.  Moreover, in what is perhaps an historically unprecedented display of racial self-effacement, whites themselves—or, at least, most middle- and upper-middle-class whites—willingly embrace this New Advent of a postracial America.  Having been persuaded that we are, after all, a “nation of immigrants,” they blithely assume that the disappearance of a majority culture will result in some miraculous new cultural unity, one in which whites will no longer have to carry an onus of guilt over their “genocidal” supremacist heritage.  Oppositional voices are rare enough, and even more rarely do they break into mainstream discourse.  Samuel Huntington’s...

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