Molecular Families

Dismantling the Family Cubicles

As we look around at the pandemonium that characterizes the circus maximus of our once-great culture, there are few things as striking as the large number of what we might call “disconnected pockets of sanity,” otherwise known as nuclear families.  And the fact that they are disconnected means that the sanity is illusory.  When it comes to fundamental cultural issues, there is no such thing as neutrality—but, as many commentators have pointed out, a large number of Christians in the West have been culturally neutered.

Many have blamed individualism for all of this, saying that, when it comes to confrontations with the monolithic state, individualistic autonomy has been made the sole locus of resistance, and, consequently, that resistance has been completely outmaneuvered.  A consuming loyalty to the state will only be effectively countered by healthier loyalties, and loyalty to a regimen mei is, of course, not up to the task.  I once spoke with a non-Christian libertarian who did not believe that Christians were doing their share in the fight against statism.  In our debate, we agreed that the central engine driving the propagation of statism was the government school system, and, in the course of our discussion, I asked him how many private schools libertarians had established, compared to the number of private academies that have been built by Christians.  A hearty...

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