Cultural Revolutions

Moldova's Partition

Moldova's Partition may be imminent. While the U.S. Embassy in Moscow denied that American spooks and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) intend to divide that tiny country, the denial itself was enough to convince most Russian and Moldovan/Rumanian patriots that the plan is probably already under way.

The State Department was reacting to a September 23 article in Izvestiya, which claimed that talks between Russia and Moldova on the fate of the breakaway "Dniester Moldovan Republic" had broken down because of a "secret plan" to hand Moldova over to Rumania and the Dniester region to Ukraine. (The "Dniester Republic," sometimes referred to as Transdnistria, is a predominately Slavic, Russian-speaking region. In 1940, it was fused with the former Rumanian province of Bessarabia to form the Soviet Republic of Moldova.)

According to Izvestiya, the plan would involve annexation of the Dniester region by a nationalist Ukraine. The paper also implied that the West is backing the resurgent Ukrainian nationalist movement in pro-NATO Western Ukraine as a prelude to further NATO expansion. As it did in Kosovo, however, NATO will exploit nationalism only tactically: The real aim is the unconditional removal of the Russian 14th Army from the Dniester region, paving the way for an eventual NATO military presence. Meanwhile, a suitably tamed and reunited Rumania...

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