Vital Signs

Mohammedans in France

It has been about five years since the young, mostly Berber proletariat of the dingy Paris, Lyons, and Marseilles suburbs took to burning its proletarian neighbors’ cars, and there is a looming feeling among French Catholics that something is still not quite right in the woods.  There are indications that both French- and Church-government officials want France less Catholic and more Mohammedan: To this end, these officials have taken in many cases to preferential treatment of Saracens.

Consider: Back in 2006, a young married man from the Val-d’Oise déapartment north of Paris noticed a giant inflatable prophylactic next to a school and did what any decent man would do: He popped it.  In September of last year, he was fined nearly €10,000.  Meanwhile, the young Berber miscreants mentioned above have not repented of their ways, burning French flags and defacing public property.  The rarity with which they are reproached for their behavior is not surprising to anyone familiar with the communist mayors and inattentive police forces who run the communes of Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris’s worst suburbs—and when the miscreants are apprehended, they are generally condemned to symbolic penalties, such as community service or one-euro fines.

More puzzling than routine communist-condoned disorder is the attitude of the French bishops toward this.  On February 8, 2010, Bishop Dominique Lebrun...

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