Moderate Islam?

“Teachers who teach Western education?  We will kill them!  We will kill them in front of their students and tell the students to henceforth [sic] study the Koran,” declared Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram, which killed 46 students in a boarding school on July 6 (Time, July 19).

Willingly or not, men cannot but obey the logic inherent in their ideas, and all the more as they truly believe in the ideas they profess to believe.  Muslims are no exception.  To understand Islam means to grasp its core principles, from which inevitable consequences logically result.

I am no theologian, nor a specialist of Islamic studies, but Muslims themselves keep referring to the unique greatness of Allah and to his unsurpassable power as the two basic tenets of their faith.  However merciful Allah may be, he is so infinitely great that no man can even begin to grasp what he is (not to mention form an image of him); and Allah is so infinitely powerful that not only is there nothing conceivable that he cannot do, but he must be conceived of as the only being in the universe who is endowed with any real power (which is why he is the one and only god).

Let us consider these two assertions for a moment.

The first implies, to use philosophical...

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