Cultural Revolutions

Mind-Numbing Egalitarianism

Modern egalitarianism can be mind-numbing, as two recent incidents—the first in the Southwest, the second in the Midwest—show.

The first, of course, is the shooting spree at Columbine High School. Most of Dylan Klebold's and Eric Harris's victims were either Christians or athletes. The former were murdered simply because they were Christians. The killers asked one pretty girl if she believed in God; when she answered that she did, they assassinated her. The athletes were selected because they wore a distinctive cap and generally had more privileges at school than the murderers.

Harris and Klebold were an extreme expression of the political correctness which has become central to the average high-school curriculum in recent years. Their actions (and Harris's website) suggest that they were crusading egalitarians. They were willing to kill anyone who wished to distinguish himself from the herd. The fact that they were even willing to kill a black who was bent on improving himself indicates that they may have taken note of the fact that blacks as a group now have special privileges.

If the events at Columbine High School represented an extreme acceptance of egalitarianism, the actions of college student Benjamin Nathaniel Smith in Illinois and Indiana over the Fourth of July weekend may have represented its extreme rejection. He killed a Christian Korean, a Christian black, and wounded nine...

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