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Mick Jagger at 70

“Ooh ooh baby, I got a message for you,” Sir Mick Jagger croons, among other endearments, on the most recent Rolling Stones single, the aptly titled “One More Shot.”  The creative muse may have gone south for Jagger and the boys sometime during the first Nixon administration, but the marketing machinery keeps these specimens of a Jurassic social order on life support.  As well as the single, there is copious product out there to celebrate the Stones’ current golden anniversary, including their eighth or ninth “definitive hits collection” and other officially licensed products ranging from a line of “quality resin” bobblehead dolls and “personally approved” ladies’ underwear, among other exotica, to yet another coffee-table scrapbook transporting us to the lost world of Mars Bars, cocaine, and Margaret Trudeau.  Last winter, the Stones’ latest revival from behind their marble slab shockingly saw them perform on stage.  By the time you read this, the four band members will have an aggregate age of 277.  Jagger himself turns 70 in July.  Most of those investing $160 or so to see them from the upper reaches of their nearest stadium now experience the Stones as a sort of distant Punch and Judy show, with Sir Mick and company circling one another and bopping up and down.  But whether out of morbid curiosity...

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