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#MeToo: Stalinism in Drag

We live in a Puritan country, in which self-righteousness is eternally wedded to cheap theatrics.  This explains the dual phenomena of Meryl Streep and Hollywood’s earnest commitment to distributing her films to every country on the planet.  Like all good Puritans, self-righteous Americans are sure to be the most depraved of anyone.  So when Tinseltown, the Salt Lake City of the Puritan faith, claims to have found virtue, it is a certainty that what it has really found is a way to refine vice further.  Hollywoodian virtue is nothing more, ever, than hypocrisy in stage makeup.

Never was there better proof of this than the #MeToo movement.  That the double entendre is apparently unintentional is a perfect glimpse into the two-way mirror of the Hollywood mind.  Where the rest of us see yet another iteration of the Hollywood herd mentality, in which everyone follows the most cheaply theatrical of all the self-righteous elect, Hollywood itself sees bold action against whatever the secular sin du jour happens to be.  Once upon a time, Puritans were serious folks who spoke solemnly of sinners in the hands of an angry God.  Now that Puritanism has been polished to a high shine and renamed “social justice,” the empty-headed morality parrots who staff the clerical ranks want everyone to know that, like Indian philosophers, they themselves are coterminous with the deity. ...

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