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Men in Power

In March, Steve Saltarelli, a junior Law, Letters, and Society major at the University of Chicago, wrote a satirical article for the student newspaper, the Chicago Maroon, entitled “Men in Power.”  The subtitle read, “True equality means groups that advocate for men as well as women.”  In the article, Saltarelli jokingly proposed founding an advocacy group that would accomplish for men what similar groups accomplish for women:

Additional upcoming events will include an open-mic night on issues concerning body image, a tutorial on barbecuing, and our much-anticipated workshop “Protecting What’s Yours: Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement.” . . . Through our fishing, hunting, and flag-football retreats, we hope to cultivate close relationships with many individuals and organizations in different sectors of power—including business, politics, and academia.

Saltarelli garnered so much positive student feedback that he founded a group called Men in Power shortly thereafter.

Instead of teaching men how to throw a tight spiral or fire a Glock, MiP aims to offer “a unique opportunity for undergraduate men at the University of Chicago to expand and sharpen their knowledge of business, politics, and networking—giving them the skills they will need to become future leaders of the world.”  In interviews with FOX News, MSNBC, and others, Saltarelli,...

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