The Best Revenge

Meditations at Ft. Lauderdale Airport

I arrived at the Ft. Lauderdale airport to a line at the Spirit Airline ticket counter so long that I didn’t even contemplate whether to wait.  My flight to Laguardia wasn’t until 3:20 P.M., and it was only 11:00 A.M., so, after a leisurely lunch, I dropped my bags off and decided to look for the chapel.

There was no chapel at the airport—only a meditation room.  A sign on the door read: “The Meditation Room has been locked due to security reasons.  If you need to use the Meditation Room, go to the nearest pay phone and dial *22.  An Aviation Department representative will make it available to you.  Thank you.”

My curiosity was piqued: What was in the meditation room that constituted a security risk?  I went to the nearest pay phone and dialed *22.  It took the Aviation Department official about five minutes to show up.  A meek-looking fellow in his early 60’s, he sized me up intensely as if to determine whether I was a troublemaker.  He asked me how long I was going to be, and I said I would need it for a half-hour or so.  When I asked him why this meditation room was considered a security risk, he mumbled something about September 11 and asked me where I had been since then.

There were no bomb-making materials in the room.  In fact, there was nothing in the room but three rows of ten nice-looking chairs all facing the...

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