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McGreevey's Resignation

Jim McGreevey, who will be resigning as New Jersey’s governor on November 15, cares deeply for the people of the Garden State.  (No, not the way you’re thinking!)  Despite the admission on August 12 that he engaged in an extramarital relationship with a homosexual Israeli with possible ties to the Mossad—whom, early in his administration, he had attempted to hire as the state’s homeland-security advisor—the Luv Gov recently told the New York Times that “having accepted responsibility for my action by proffering my resignation didn’t necessarily mean that I was required to abandon midstream important initiatives that this administration holds dear.”

In that case, Jim, the citizens of Connecticut should sue their sleazy Republican ex-governor, John Rowland, for abandonment.  Rowland, who had a penchant for accepting gifts from contractors doing business with Hartford, announced his resignation on June 21, and, by July 1, Republican Lt. Gov. Jodi Rell was sworn in as acting governor.

Among the “important initiatives” that McGreevey wishes to fulfill is the protection of the public from terrorism, which he originally had planned to leave in the hands of an apparently unqualified foreign national with whom he engaged in deviant and adulterous sex.

McGreevey’s self-outing was, perhaps, the most disgraceful speech and...

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