Marx’s and Engels’ Illegitimate Offspring

A Nation of Welfare Babies

If someone is overheard referring to the system of U.S. public finance as “socialist,” most Americans within earshot will write him off as a conservative crank who is being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  After all, Karl Marx is long gone, and so is his most ardent American disciple, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, while the worldwide communist movement has collapsed along with the Soviet Union.  Socialist confiscation of the tools of production is now passé, and the neocons have led us into the golden age of global capitalism.  So what’s the problem?

Fortunately, socialist ownership of the tools of production proved so inefficient that it only served as a placard for selling income confiscation and redistribution to the “have-nots” of the underclass and a few utopian eggheads.  However, the fundamental goal of socialism remains unaltered: the ownership of the hearts and minds and souls of mankind by a global world order of socialist states controlled by a self-appointed directorate.  Representative democracies have long since been transformed into centralized powers with perpetual incumbents and self-serving bureaucracies, answerable only to the cabal of international financiers and the high priests of the media and academia.  In their envisioned global network of states, they are the true parent of the child, the husband of unmarried mothers, the...

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