Cultural Revolutions

Managed Democracy

Russia's parliamentary elections, held December 7, produced a wave of alarmed reactions in the Western press that betray the ignorance and hypocrisy of Western elite thinking regarding Russia and the West’s—particularly Washington’s—relations with Moscow.

The Kremlin-backed United Russia party carried the day, winning nearly 38 percent of the vote, while other Kremlin-backed—or created—parties (the Liberal Democratic Party of “ultranationalist” Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the “left nationalist” Rodina bloc) took another 20 percent.  The Communists (KPRF), who had made the grave error of accepting financing from imprisoned oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and the two pro-Western “liberal” parties—Yabloko and the Union of Right Forces (SPS), which had also defended “Khodor” (whose Yukos oil firm is under attack by the general prosecutor’s office)—were undermined by their own incompetent campaigns as well as the authorities’ skillful use of “administrative resources” (including, probably, election fraud) to ensure the desired election results.  The KPRF received about 13 percent of the vote, while neither Yabloko nor SPS crossed the five-percent threshold for representation in the Russian parliament.

The Washington Post whined that Vlad-imir Putin’s Kremlin was undermining the progress...

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