Managed Citizenship

Georgie Anne Geyer is no stranger to the immigration issue. For years her syndicated columns have included spirited criticism of efforts toward the redefinition of American identity. They have attacked what Geyer calls the "citizenship mill," the thoughtless naturalization of masses of Third World residents (not all of them legally in the United States), bilingual education, and the increasingly weird expressions of multiculturalism. Taking relentless aim at these targets, her book features mindboggling accounts (worthy of Sam Francis) of such enormities as publicly financed celebrations of Aztec deities in municipalities that also ban Christmas displays, and the extension of voting rights to illegal Marxist immigrants in Tacoma Park, Maryland. Geyer throws light on the extent to which naturalization is a political ploy, used to increase the electoral strength of those groups who work to have it expanded. She exposes the reasoning of liberal immigration expansionists by citing them directly. In one particularly revealing comment, Doris Meissner, Commissioner of the INS, explains that "Naturalization helps counteract anti-immigrant attitudes" and should therefore be "promoted." Geyer does not cite an even more outrageous statement quoted by Peter Brimelow in Alien Nation, by Earl Raab, director of Brandeis University's Institute for Jewish Advocacy, according to whom we should welcome the prospect that...

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