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John G. West is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, a nonpartisan public-policy think tank that conducts research on technology, science and culture, economics, and foreign affairs.  The Institute’s Center for Science and Culture is notable for challenging various aspects of evolutionary theory—maintaining, for instance, that evolutionary biology has failed to answer many salient questions.

West’s primary thesis in Darwin Day in America is that our culture and politics have been dehumanized by a scientific materialism (or reductionism) that sees man merely as the sum of his parts, and that this dogma has taken over the educational system in the United States.  He notes that anyone who questions Darwinian evolution—the central idea in this reductionist mind-set—is denounced by academia as a biblical fundamentalist or creationist, and therefore as antiscience.

Two high-profile examples serve to make his point.  The first is the 1997 Washington State case in which harassment and punitive measures were applied to Burlington-Edison High School biology teacher Roger De Hart.  His crime was that he had asked his students to prepare arguments for either evolution or Intelligent Design.  The second is the 2004 Pennsylvania case in which the Dover School Board required that students be informed of Intelligent Design as a possible alternative to Darwinism. ...

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