• Remembering the Right

    Remembering the Right

    The featured theme of this month’s magazine is focused on a particular task, namely retrieving conservativism and conservative thinkers from the past and explaining their continued relevance to the present. The current conservative movement, as a...

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  • Remembering Murray Rothbard

    Remembering Murray Rothbard

    Murray Rothbard, the principal founder of post-World War II American libertarianism, died 24 years ago. Lew Rockwell, one of Rothbard’s closest friends and the founder of the Mises Institute and, offers this description of his...

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  • Remembering M. E. Bradford

    Remembering M. E. Bradford

    Anyone who met M. E. Bradford was unlikely to forget him. There was his imposing bulk and his Stetson cowboy hat, but that was just the trimming. This Oklahoman, long a fixture at the University of Dallas, radiated vast erudition, lightly worn...

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  • Remembering R. L. Dabney

    Remembering R. L. Dabney

    Robert Lewis Dabney was an American theologian and seminary professor. He was also a philosopher who wrote extensively on cultural and political issues of the second half of the 19th century. In our own day, when there is much confusion over what...

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Society & Culture


  • Unending Journeys

    Unending Journeys

    Few subjects arouse such atavistic emotions as migration—whether the arrivals come as conquerors or as kin, fleeing ordeals or seeking opportunities. For incomers, migration can represent a dream, a rational choice, an urgent necessity, or a last...

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  • Chansons by the Bayou

    Chansons by the Bayou

    Louisiana being the jazz capital of the United States (and the world, for that matter), one easily forgets the other contributions she has made to American culture. Then one remembers Louisiana is Walker Percy’s adopted home and the setting of...

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  • To Regulate, or Not to Regulate?

    To Regulate, or Not to Regulate?

    One vocal U.S. political tribe argues vociferously that capitalism is the source of all economic problems. Another tends to ignore that the current economy is not working for all Americans. French economist Thomas Philippon’s work should interest...

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Polemics & Exchanges

  • An E Pluribus Reminder


    It is saddening to see so distinguished an authority as Professor Stephen Presser misquote important words from the Constitution as he does in his November article on impeachment. He writes that treason is “clearly defined” in the Constitution as...

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  • What's Paleo, and What's Not

    What's Paleo, and What's Not

    In a recent Townhall commentary, the young author Michael Malarkey marvels over “the resurgence of refined paleoconservatism.” Supposedly Donald Trump has absorbed quintessential paleoconservative positions and is now putting them into practice....

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  • The Groyper Rebellion

    The Groyper Rebellion

    In late October, Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk took the stage at Ohio State University prepared to “own the libs,” as he and other establishment conservative speakers had been doing profitably on college campuses for the last two...

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  • Simple Answers for Hateful Minds

    Simple Answers for Hateful Minds

    When did Americans become the stormtroopers of irrational simplification? Not a moment passes when a tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram picture doesn’t rip through our amber waves of grain and drive a social justice warrior to attack the nearest...

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  • Geostrategic Challenges in 2020

    Geostrategic Challenges in 2020

    As we approach the last year of this century’s second decade, the United States is still the most powerful state in the world, safe from direct threats by foreign state actors. The “challenges” America faces in the year ahead are entirely...

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  • Grim Foolishness

    Grim Foolishness

    I’ve seen only two-and-a-half Quentin Tarantino films, which seems to me one more than enough. They’re silly, trashy, and singularly devoid of amusement. Why would I see another? But when his latest, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, received...

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  • A Giant Beset by Pygmies

    A Giant Beset by Pygmies

    Most newspaper and magazine articles are forgotten not long after they appear. Does anyone read the 25-year-old columns of Norman Podhoretz, William F. Buckley, or Richard John Neuhaus for insight into current events? It therefore tells us...

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  • George O'Brien: American Star

    George O'Brien: American Star

    WWI veteran George O’Brien became a star in Hollywood with his breakout performance in John Ford’s silent film epic, The Iron Horse. Handsome and built like the top athlete he was, O’Brien appeared in 11 more Ford movies and 85 films altogether,...

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