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  • Sex Erased

    Sex Erased

    George McCartney is usually right on in his cultural analyses of current films, but he made a couple of statements in his review of Boy Erased (“Mortal Coils,” In the Dark, January) that must be addressed.

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In This Number


  • We’ll Get Him Next Time

    We’ll Get Him Next Time

    After two years and tens of millions of dollars, the Mueller investigation ended in a shattering anticlimax for Democrats. On March 22, Special Counsel Robert Mueller sent Attorney General William Barr his report, and Barr promptly informed Congress that Mueller found no collusion between Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia.

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  • The Crisis in the Anglosphere

    The Crisis in the Anglosphere

    Pro-democratic ideological think tanks that evaluate the future of democracy by the extent of its global spread and the fortunes of relatively insignificant countries around the world should be far more concerned with events currently occurring in . . . in Westminster and . . . the United States of America.

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  • Manifest(o)


    Whenever an act of violence is committed against Muslims by a non-Muslim, as Brenton Tarrant did in March when he viciously gunned down 50 Muslims at prayer in Christchurch, New Zealand, the left-liberal elites of the West and their mainstream-media acolytes see and seize the opportunity to calumniate all who oppose their ideology of egalitarian fundamentalism.

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  • The Winds of Time

    The Winds of Time

    The wind roared all night, darkness in furious motion that yet held solidly in place. It was still gusting hard when Harlan Edmonds’ Dodge pickup pulled into the drive beside the house at ten in the morning and stopped behind my Ford standing with the tailgate fastened in place against a full load.

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  • Monarchs and Pretenders

    Monarchs and Pretenders

    The story of Mary Queen of Scots makes you wonder why anyone would aspire to be a monarch. Mary was an accomplished woman. She had mastered five languages, English being the third; was schooled in the classics; had traveled extensively in Europe and had been married to the French dauphin, Francis II, for a time before his death.

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  • Christchurch: The Sharia Enabling Act

    Christchurch: The Sharia Enabling Act

    Violent incidents, perpetrated by the opponents of a tyrannical regime, tend to enable such regimes to become openly terrorist. They may have been on a brutal trajectory all along, but their enemies’ acts of desperate defiance (or plain insanity) often facilitate their transition to the level of oppression which had been desired all along.

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  • Not Like the Other

    Not Like the Other

    We often hear opponents of U.S. action abroad denounced as “anti-American.” On the other hand, these alleged anti-Americans present themselves as anti-interventionists—opponents of the policy and not the country. So how to tell the difference?

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  • Deplorable Duke

    Deplorable Duke

    In 1979, as John Wayne was dying, his friend and costar in five movies, Maureen O’Hara, went to Capitol Hill to urge Congress to issue a medal honoring Wayne.

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