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  • Playing Games With Stocks

    Playing Games With Stocks

    The GameStop saga is more than just a tale of greed, mania, manipulation, or vengeance. It is a story of power dynamics and a challenge to those dynamics. When elites screw up money and banking as badly as they have, populist blowback is inevitable.

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  • Feminine Ordeals

    Feminine Ordeals

    Two recent films depict two radically different female struggles: one of motherhood and loss, in Pieces of a Woman, and the other as a life lived in revenge against men, in A Promising Young Woman.

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  • Canceling Uncle Tom

    Canceling Uncle Tom

    Larry Elder infuriates the left by encouraging black Americans to think of themselves as American first, and to embrace conservative values such as family, education, hard work, perseverance, and self-reliance. His new film deserves wide viewership.

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  • Avoiding War With Russia

    Avoiding War With Russia

    The morbid Russophobia of President Biden's foreign policy team threatens to lead America into a catastrophic showdown with Moscow. This scenario, suddenly viable for the first time since the Cold War, would mark the end of European civilization.

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