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  • Evil That Good May Come

    Evil That Good May Come

    "Not one of the four articles debating the pros and cons of dropping the Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki presents the orthodox Christian evaluation of that earth-shattering decision." Letters from a priest and columnist Diana West.

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  • That Damn Cowboy

    That Damn Cowboy

    The Western frontier transformed Teddy Roosevelt from a New York aristocrat into the rough rider who charged up San Juan Hill. While living as rancher, he impressed the locals with his tenacity, and his ability to handle himself in a bar fight.

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  • Greek Statues, <em>Molon Labe!</em>

    Greek Statues, Molon Labe!

    Greeks have shared values and beliefs based on a common ethnicity and religion, and so would never tolerate the malcontents of BLM and Antifa effacing their cultural artifacts. In America, however, nothing is sacred and everything is replaceable.

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