• Middle America's Road to Power

    Middle America's Road to Power

    Conventional conservatives today are like members of an oppressed proletariat defending the oligarchy and its bread and circuses. The populist right must forge a revolutionary conservative movement indigestible to the current establishment.

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  • Dissecting a Dirty Election

    Dissecting a Dirty Election

    It seems likely Biden will slink into the presidency through a hopelessly corrupt U.S. voting system. If so, we can expect federal "woke" ideology to intensify, a Chinese challenge to U.S. power, and a purge of Trumpists from the Republican Party.

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  • Under Cover of Darkness

    Under Cover of Darkness

    Among all the monuments that have been toppled in our recent iconoclastic mania, the Calhoun Monument is one which stood out as an attack, not so much on a particular man, but on an idea: states’ rights, and the concomitant right of secession.

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  • New York's New Normal

    New York's New Normal

    What happens when the city that never sleeps locks down? When commuters stay home, and subways, shops, restaurants, theaters, museums, libraries, schools, playgrounds, public gardens, sports arenas, and churches are deserted?

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  • Dark Clouds Ahead

    Dark Clouds Ahead

    If America’s contested election ends in Joe Biden’s inauguration, the world will be less safe, as a Biden administration is likely to resume its perpetual policies of regime change and foreign military intervention.

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  • A Revolution Delayed

    A Revolution Delayed

    Despite the overwhelming institutional opposition he faced, Trump's reelection campaign was a bravura performance. It strongly suggests that the nationalist and populist themes that propelled Trump to victory in 2016 have lost none of their potency.

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  • The Devil's Collectives

    The Devil's Collectives

    When the cretinous backwoods characters of The Devil All the Time are not killing and raping one another, they are tearfully calling upon Jesus to save their souls. George McCartney reviews an ugly film that embraces collective nihilism.

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  • America's Deceitful Elite

    America's Deceitful Elite

    Lying is the new normal as far as our governing elite are concerned. The mainstream media has painted Christians as nuts and 74 million Trump voters as bigots, racists, and illiterate yahoos, while insisting that blacks ought to feel oppressed.

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