• Biden’s Inexplicable Victory

    Biden’s Inexplicable Victory

    Joe Biden’s 2020 victory is so statistically suspicious, so riddled with ahistorical outcomes, that a detailed data examination is necessary. We examine a series of unprecedented anomalies that overturned more than 200 years of U.S. election history.

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  • Election Oddities

    Election Oddities

    Even before the release of 2020 election audits from Maricopa and other counties, there is plenty of evidence within the voter turnout and registration statistics suggesting that not everything was above board in Joe Biden's presidential victory.

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  • Easy to Vote, Easy to Cheat

    Easy to Vote, Easy to Cheat

    Conservatives must not buy into the left's narrative about voting restrictions as a form of bigotry. Reasonable, but stringent, restrictions on how elections are conducted must be adopted, or America's election system will be susceptible to fraud.

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  • Semite Sympathy

    Semite Sympathy

    In our October "Polemics & Exchanges," a Jewish reader lists his reasons for supporting the Palestinians, while Executive Editor Edward Welsch responds to a variety of opinions on how to approach the 2020 election controversy.

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