Love Thyself: The West’s Fatal Flaw

I am told President Trump has said that “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.”  In the September issue of Chronicles, several authors, such as Aaron Wolf, either directly or indirectly dealt with this same crucial question.  What follows is a mere snippet of additional reflection.

What used to be Western civilization is indeed threatened today with progressive extinction at the hands of Muslim immigration, which considers the West as a worthless relic of a useless past, at best, or, in the minds of Islam’s more or less hidden leaders, as a hostile multisecular force to be destroyed, either by sheer violence or by submerging it under a demographic tsunami.  Faced with this threat the politically correct Western governments and Western “elites,” more or less followed by a significant portion of the anesthetized or indifferent masses, show incredible willingness to yield to the invasion.  Following the unfortunate preaching of the Pope, the Western countries consider it their sacred duty to open their arms to an unsustainable number of migrants, the majority of whom have no reasonable right to be considered refugees—and the least of whose concerns (logically, as their numbers swell) is to adopt the culture and customs of their host country.  Hungary,...

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