Love’s Brexit’s Loss

British marriage is on the rocks.  No, this is not a press release from James Dobson.  Rather, it is the consensus of the entire media establishment of the U.K.  What is harming the most fundamental institution in the history of humanity—the very basis of civil society?

Is it divorce, infidelity, loss of faith, pornography, drugs, STDs, or wife-beating?  Is it the utterly absurd, let’s-pretend fantasy delusion that defies religion and nature known as “same-sex marriage”?

No: The mainstream British media (like the American, French, German, Italian, etc., media) don’t oppose, and in fact promote, those things.

The greatest threat to marriage is secession, which is to say Brexit.  Brexit is a homewrecker.

There are marriages, and there are Sacred Unions.  Americans know the distinction, having learned it in government-funded schools and from the Pledge of Allegiance.  Marriage is whenever two humanoids want their current affection for each other to be recognized officially by the state, for the purpose of tax benefits, hospital-visitation rights, streamlining the probate process, and driving evangelical pâtissières into financial ruin; it may be dissolved at will; and enjoying each other venereally is incidental.  Whereas a Sacred Union is a permanent, unbreakable contract that, should it falter...

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