Losers Double Down

The party of Hillary Clinton has not stopped losing since last November.  This fact is easily overlooked amid all of President Trump’s bad press, but Democrats have reliably come up short in special elections from Montana to Kansas to suburban Atlanta.  Jon Ossoff, the Democrat running in Georgia’s Sixth District, raised over $23 million by the end of May, but lost to Republican Karen Handel less than three weeks later.  The contest was the most expensive House race of all time, costing well over $50 million—and that’s not counting the earned media Ossoff received as a darling of the self-styled “Resistance” to President Trump.

Democrats have excuses aplenty, and some of them are good ones.  Flipping solidly Republican districts in Georgia, Montana, or Kansas means fighting against political gravity, even in the context of special elections like these.  But then again, Donald Trump is president because he did flip states that no Republican was supposed to win.  Faced with difficult districts, a party has to adapt.  And that’s one thing the party of Hillary Clinton refuses to do.

The future was supposed to belong to the Democratic Party.  Indeed, not a few pundits convinced themselves last year that the future had already arrived: Obama’s presidency had heralded a permanent demographic shift toward a younger, less white electorate,...

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