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“This conversation doesn’t exist.”  Those were the last words spoken by U.S. Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) as she concluded her 2005 chat with “a suspected Israeli agent,” as Jeff Stein of Congressional Quarterly put it, during the course of which she agreed to sell her country down the river in exchange for 30 pieces of silver and a coveted appointment as head of the House Intelligence Committee.  The conversation was overheard and recorded in the course of an FBI investigation into the AIPAC spy case, in which Steve Rosen, a former top official of Israel’s powerful American lobby, and Keith Weissman, the lobby’s Iran specialist, are accused of espionage.

The Israeli agent wanted Harman to intervene with the Department of Justice to grant leniency to Rosen and Weissman.  According to Stein, Harman told the agent that she’d have better luck with a certain individual on the White House staff.

The silver was to be provided by Haim Saban, he of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fortune who has become the single largest donor to the Democratic Party in the last few years.  He is famous—or infamous, depending on your point of view—for brazenly offering a cool million to the Young Democrats of America if they would pledge their two superdelegates to vote for Hillary Clinton.  (Talk about “pay for play”!)  Saban tried these tactics with Nancy...

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