American Proscenium

Little White Lies

“From the mountains of Afghanistan to the valleys of Bosnia to the plains of Africa to the forests of Asia and around the world we are on the ground working with our Muslim partners to expand the circle of peace, the circle of prosperity, the circle of freedom.”

In delivering these ringing phrases, Secretary of State Colin Powell was not, apparently, alluding to the fact that, in both Africa and Asia, Muslims, many of them funded by “pro-Western” governments and oil sheiks, are engaged in a campaign to exterminate Christians.  He failed to mention the continuing genocide in the Sudan and Nigeria, where young Muslim men shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “Down with beauty!” slaughtered a thousand Christians when a newspaper suggested (quite correctly) that Muhammad might have enjoyed the Miss World contest.

The partnership Secretary Powell envisions presumably does not include the Islamic terrorists of Indonesia, but he does have the poor taste to bring up Bosnia, where the United States supported an Islamic militant who wanted to impose sharia on a Christian majority.  One of our Muslim partners in Bosnia and Kosovo was none other than Osama bin Laden.

Not content with repeating the palpable absurdities that are the staple of the multiculturalist left, Secretary Powell went on to describe plans to bring more Muslims into the United States and...

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