Under the Black Flag

Likud's Long Con

Here we go again!  Scary sofa-samurai Robert Kagan, a neocon foreign-policy “scholar,” is also an expert on war, having watched a lot of Hollywood movies.  Kagan says that, if Obama were to use force against Iran, the election would be over—he would win overwhelmingly.  Kagan and his brother are inside-the-Beltway hucksters, always hustling and doing Israel’s bidding, although not necessarily for cash.  There are countless ways Zionists have to remunerate those American citizens who are loyal to the state of Israel.  That’s what the neoconservative movement is all about.

I remember some 20 years or so ago running into Gore Vidal at a book party in London.  We had a very close common friend, Maria St Just, Tennessee Williams’ muse, and probably the reason why poor old Tennessee was gay.  Lady St Just was the only woman he had slept with, and she was a real man-eater.  Maria was Tennessee’s literary executor, and my wife was Maria’s executor, which are two different things.  Gore pointed this out and told me to make sure people remained confused.  “Every producer the world over will come knocking at your door; you’ll have actresses stripping for you . . . ”  Well, that was the last thing I was looking for, and I made the distinction clear in print soon after.  Gore Vidal was...

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