Light Slander, Heavy Artillery

Both of these books are written by young, self-styled conservatives; both demonstrate indisputably the unfounded charges made against the “right” by the media and academics; both easily devastate the biased and factually inaccurate statements about Republicans, conservatives, and the American past and present that emanate from the cultural left.  The TV personalities Ann Coulter goes after, such as the simpering pinheads Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, treat Republican centrists as if they were closet members of the “extreme right.”  And the intellectual left’s lies about the United States (which attribute to it a racist, sexist, and “homophobic” character) can be refuted—as, indeed, Flynn does—with minimal difficulty, as nearly all of them involve judging American life by angelic multicultural standards that no society outside of the contemporary Western world could hope to approach.

While understanding that what Coulter and Flynn deplore is widespread in all Western “democracies,” I am left nevertheless to wonder why the cultural-political left behaves in the manner they describe, since—from where I stand—it has already won its wars.  If John Gray and John O’Sullivan are correct, the United States represents the “utopia of the left,” the instantiation of political correctness and the social reconstruction by state managers...

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