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Life, Immigration, and the Pursuit of Consistent Conservatism

Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah and his open-borders cronies at the Wall Street Journal, who have embarked on a smear campaign against mainstream immigration-control groups, should learn to differentiate between real xenophobes (as found in an August 2004 Tennessee primary election) and the vast majority of people with legitimate rationales for favoring lower, tighter immigration.

The vast majority of Cannon’s House Republican colleagues are both strongly pro-life and favor immigration control.  However, an outright racist named James Hart won the GOP primary in Tennessee’s 8th congressional district.  He bases his immigration views on eugenics, a discredited pseudoscience of racial superiority.  State Republicans have distanced the party from Hart.

Earlier this year, Cannon faced opposition in the GOP primary from pro-life immigration reformer Matt Throckmorton, a former state legislator, because of Cannon’s stance on mass immigration.  (Americans for Better Immigration has given Cannon a grade of D.)  Throckmorton hammered Cannon’s pro-amnesty stance and, remarkably, forced Cannon into a June 22 primary by robbing him of renomination at the Utah Republican state convention.  Cannon—heavily outspending his opponent—won the primary election 58 to 42 percent.

Attempting to change the subject, Cannon issued a March 24 press release composed...

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