Letter From Rockford

Letter From Rockford
'The trouble with the House of Horrors\r\n(and similar haunted houses), the Rockford\r\nRegister Star claimed, is that the organizers\r\ndeliberately hide their intentions.\r\nNothing at the House of Horrors\r\nindicates that it might differ from the few\r\ndozen other haunted houses in the area,\r\nand its website {\r\nsimply proclaims:\r\nW'c will sliow you the unspeakable\r\n[sic] horrif\\'ing events that have\r\nbrought human torture to new\r\ndepths of depravih. We will challenge\r\nyour way of thinking as well\r\nas strike fear into your heart. A fear\r\nthat \\ou will remember forever\r\n|s/c].' The HOUSE OF HORRORS\r\nwill give you a new taste of\r\nterror. It is definitely not for the\r\nfaint of heart! Is it for you?\r\nRut the Register Star need not worr\\s because\r\nthe ChrisHan proselvtism, though\r\nslightK stronger than last year, is still weak,\r\nmuted. (Last \\ear's e\\angelist ne\\er once\r\nreferred to Jesus as Christ, but talked about\r\nsitting around in his room, "rapping" with\r\nhis Friend.) We are the sum of our lifesK'le\r\nchoices, the \\oung lady tells us. We can\r\nact the wa\\- that the people in the haunted\r\nhouse acted, or wc can ask Jesus to help us\r\nact differentK. The choice is ours.\r\nThat is all well and good, and the\r\n\\'oimg ladv's short speech does hint at elements\r\nof free will, prayer, even cooperati\\\r\ne grace (though none of these are mentioned\r\nb\\' name). But there is a little\r\nmore to die Christian...

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