Letter From Palermo

Letter From Palermo
from his garden. If it is churlish not k)\r\ngi\\(.' credit wliere credit's due, all those\r\ngruesome multiple-choice, iutclligeneequotient,\r\nstandard-aptitude riddles the\r\nAuierieaus are brought up on, and trained\r\nto soke from kindergarten to grave, may\r\nwell appear in a somewhat less sinister\r\nlight.\r\nB\\' contrast, in Italv—and Sicih', mind\r\n\\ou. is praetiealh' in North Mrica —categorical\r\nratiocinahon is like a faint echo of\r\nsomething that has rushed past without\r\nleaving a deep trace, all but muffled bv\r\nthe dail\\' intercourse of life, tradihon, and\r\ncustom. Nois\\, colorful, and centered on\r\nim])ro\\isation—rather like a Moroccan\r\nsouk —Italian thought is based on the\r\nprinciple that so long as von start with an\r\nabundance of honest ingredients—good\r\npistachios, sound grammar, local building\r\nmaterials, marital fidelit), ripe aulicrgiues\r\n—it cannot possibh' matter all that\r\nmuch \\\\hcrccxactl\\\\()u end up, because\r\nthe resrdt will be pleasing lo stesso, anvwa\\.\r\nriiere is ne\\er a plan, a project, a\r\nconcept, a recipe, because that ubiquitous\r\n"an\\'wa\\ " is nothing less than the\r\nfundamental, collechvch" upheld law of\r\nexistence, and stronger dian anv indi\\ idual\r\nact of intellection. If ItaK as a nation\r\nhas a wa\\, it is an\\wa\\'.\r\nAnd, as 1 sa\\, nowhere more than here\r\nin the scorching hot south, where \\ou\r\ncan casih" feel oppressed b\\- the often\r\nmindless Hnniing doggerel of mar/.ipan\r\nsw...

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