Letter From Maryland Liberty and License

A recent article in the Baltimore Sun gave a wonderful example of how the media view traditional Christianity. Under the headline "Vatican Orders Activists' Silence," the Sun presented the latest installment in a local saga that is beginning to rival one of the national soap operas in its duration.

In the 1970's, a Catholic priest and a nun started a ministry targeted at homosexual men and lesbians. It took the Vatican administrative machinery many years of discussion to reach a decision, but last year the two were ordered to stop their work. The Sun story—concerned a recent meeting in Rome, at which the two were further instructed not to talk about die ministry or the reasons for its termination. If they broke the ban, they faced dismissal from the religious life: She would no longer be a nun; he would be laicized.

The priest bowed to the discipline of his order. The nun, however, flouted her instructions, telling reporters that the gag order was "a violation of the basic human right to self-defense." She added, "The part that I think is particularly unfair is to say to someone, 'You are forbidden to speak about this experience.' How else are we to grow as a church, as individuals or as a community unless we can speak about and reflect on our experiences? That part I found particularly offensive." One cannot appreciate the humor of her remark...

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