Letter From Louisiana

Letter From Louisiana
Letter From\r\nLouisiana\r\nby Chris Segura\r\nThe Peculiar Institution\r\nA selective!}' historical motion picture\r\nabout a 19th-centur\\- rebellion aboard a\r\ncruel Spanish slave ship rakes in megabucks\r\nas a result of media hype, including\r\nthe notation that white production assistants\r\nwere forbidden to put Hie stagechains\r\non the black actors aboard the\r\nreplica vessel. No one mentioned that\r\nthe original chains were first put around\r\nblack ankles and black wrists b\\' black\r\nslave-traders or that the leader of the featured\r\nre\\olt is tlionght b\\- historians to\r\nhave entered the slave trade himself after\r\nhis repatriation to Sierra Leone.\r\nThe Bush administrahon threatens to\r\nbo\\'eott the U.N.-sponsored World Conference\r\nAgainst Racism, Racial LOiscrimiuaHon,\r\nXenophobia, and Related hitolcranee\r\nin Durban, South Africa, because of\r\nschedidcd consideration of reparations\r\nfor slaver^- in the United States, and then\r\nwalks out because of Arab attempts to define\r\nZionism as racism.\r\nThe U.S. go\\'ernment feces mounhng\r\nglobal criticism for supporting reparations\r\nfor victims of Nazi genocide\r\nKau'opean Jews and apologizing for internment\r\nof Japanese-Americans at home\r\nwhile offieialh ignoring suits for compensation\r\nbv former "comfort women"\r\nforced into sexual sla\\ en' b\\ Japanese occupiers\r\nof Asia, all during WoHd War 11.\r\nI liumbing their political nose at tlie\r\nUnited States, the Dutch are...

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