Letter From Louisiana

Letter From Louisiana
speak F'rench. "Creole" is also used to\r\ndefine the dialect of French spoken bv\r\nblacks as opposed to that eniplo\\ed by\r\nCajuns.\r\nSt. Ahirtin\\ille was established as a\r\nuiilitar\\- garrison named Poste des Atakajjas,\r\nerected as protection against a nowextinct\r\ntribe of natixe cannibals in 1714,\r\nfour \\ears before the foiniding of New\r\nOrleans b\\ Jean Baptiste LeMcnne, sieur\r\nde Bien\\"ille. it was Bienville who\r\nbrought tlie first black sla\\es (hvo \\oung\r\ncoach servants) to Louisiana in die earh"\r\n18di centurw\r\nSlaxcs of absentee landlords first settled\r\nthe area surrounding St. Marfin\\ille.\r\nSome of these individuals spent their entire\r\nadidt li\\es unsuperx ised, running vast\r\ncattle enterprises and raising families in\r\nireedom, with their own land as the ulfimate\r\nreward. Later, rovalist refugees of\r\nthe Lrench Revolution settled on large\r\nsugar plantations; French expatriates\r\nfleeing sla\\c rebellions in the Greater Antilles\r\ndid the same. In 1765, f;imed guerrilla\r\nleader Joseph (Beausoleil) Broussard\r\narri\\ed with his extended famib' after\r\nfour \\ears fighting the British in Canada\r\nfollowing die beginning of die Acadian\r\nexpulsions in 1755, four \\ears in jail, and\r\ntwo \\ ears tragicalh wandering the Atlanfic\r\nin search of a new home. Twcnh^\r\n\\cars later. Hie main bocK' of Acadian ex-\r\n])atriates arrixed in New Orleans from\r\nFrance and began drifting into die area.\r\nFheir descendants are...

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