Letter From Inner Israel

Letter From Inner Israel
Kid/Brushy Bill talkfest. My father-inlaw,\r\nhowever, insists that Pat Garret sent\r\nThe Kid to a Wild West version of Valhalla\r\nway back when. Personally, I favor\r\nthe Brushy Bill story, having learned\r\nfrom John Ford that it's better to print the\r\nlegend. Ann says her father witnessed\r\nBrushy Bill's passing (he apparently died\r\nof a heart attack on a Hico street). It's a\r\nstory she grew up with, and she tells it\r\nwith a certain flair.\r\nAnn turns out to have learned as much\r\nin her 21 years as I've managed to pick up\r\nin 42. Hearing that we are planning a rehim\r\nto the I^one Star state after a ten-year\r\nexile in occupied (Northern) Virginia,\r\nshe tells us about her (brief) sojourn in\r\nthe wilds of Manhattan, where she went\r\nto plan her wedding to a young man of\r\nNorthern extraction. Her grandmother\r\nwas scandalized ('Tou're gonna marry a\r\nYankee?!"), but Ann, perhaps swayed by\r\nvisions of the Great White Way, went\r\nahead with the plans anyway. Dubbed\r\n"The Yankee" by Ann's relations, the obhise\r\nManhattanite, according to his former\r\nfiancee, wasn't the least bit perturbed\r\nby the obvious insult, which\r\nshould have told her something about his\r\nupbringing. So Ann went to New York\r\nCity and was promptly labeled "honky"\r\nand "cracker" by various "people of color"\r\nshe encountered in the asphalt jungle.\r\nBeing a girl of good character and\r\nknowing what she was about, Ann returned\r\nthe engagement ring to His Yankeeness\r\n(who...

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