Letter From Indonesia

Letter From Indonesia
Laskar Jihad is one of the most important\r\nstumbling l^locks. " Thex arc still around,\r\nbut how man\\, where the\\ arc, \\vc don't\r\nknow," sa\\s Boehm.\r\nThc\\- were likel\\' in\\ol\\'ed in an attack\r\nin late Februar\\- on the western part of\r\nthe island of Seram, in which a Christian\r\n\\illage was sacked for the third time.\r\n"There was hardiv an\\thing left to be\r\nbnnied, but thc\\ did so," obscr\\es Boehm.\r\nNaturalh', Christians demand the Jihad's\r\nremo\\al. "Without I^askar Jihad, we can\r\nha\\e reconciliation," argues I'Vgus Wattimcna,\r\nthe head of a local Chrishan mili-\r\nHa.\r\nIn contrast, Haddi Soulisa defends the\r\nJihad: I'heN "come to help Muslims," he\r\nsaid, and "not onK for war." '1 hev bring\r\ndoctors, help repair burned houses, and\r\nmore. His response is disingenuous, but\r\nit reflects genuine fear widiin the Mu.slim\r\ncommunity E\\eu Agus understands\r\nthe Akislim reluctance to see Jihad forces\r\nlea\\ e. Shll, Agus, a Baptist in a long line\r\nof Baptists, sees no reason to tru,st the other\r\nside. "Christians and Muslims are\r\ntalking about reconciliation. Oka\\, but\r\nthe Muslims fight and shoot Christians.\r\nUntil toda\\, we don't belie\\c the\\ mean\r\nit."\r\nI'here is no Chrishan cqui\\ alcnt of die\r\nJihad, "no people from outside," sa\\s\r\nBoehm. histcad, "in matter of war there\r\narc Christian militias," which are "onl\\'\r\nlocal, organized spontancoush to resist."\r\nTheir presence is ob\\ ions: The\\' have...

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