Letter From British Columbia

Letter From British Columbia
and refused to propose the kind of freemarket\r\nreforms that the overburdened\r\nB.C. health-care system could benefit\r\nfrom, the platform that the Liberals ran\r\non was essentially Thatcherite.\r\nThe party promised to slash incometax\r\nrates, require a balanced budget, and\r\ntake a baseball bat to the kneecaps of\r\ngreedy, bloated, public- and private-sector\r\nunions. Government subsidies to\r\nbusiness would be discontinued, and\r\nmany of the more onerous regidations of\r\nthe NDP era would be scrapped. Even\r\nsocial conservatives can take solace in the\r\nfact that the B.C. Liberals want to knock\r\noff social engineering and will hold free\r\nvotes on all matters of conscience. Witli\r\na 77 to 2 majority, they should be able to\r\nmake good on all of these promises.\r\nBy a weird coincidence that makes\r\nyou wonder if there isn't something to the\r\nnotion of Providence, the next morning\r\nthe Supreme Court of Canada finally decided\r\nthat it believed in religious freedom\r\nand, therefore, that my degree will\r\nbe worth the paper it is printed on. In a\r\nsurprising eight to one ruling, with radical\r\nJustice Claire L'Heureux-Dube angrily\r\ndissenting, the court upheld the\r\nB.C. Supreme Court and the Court of\r\nAppeals' rulings against the B.C. College\r\nof Teachers' bid to deny accreditation to\r\nTrinity Western University's education\r\nprogram.\r\nThe sticking point was over the part of\r\nthe university's community-standards\r\nagreement that prohibits,...

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