Let's Cheat on Our Taxes

As I write, April 15 is still fresh in the mind, and the sting of death remains, combining the current pangs of tax extraction with the promise of a greater burden to come, thanks to the Barack­i­fi­cation of heathcare.

So imagine my delight when I read in a back issue of a leading Christian magazine (call it Evangelicalism Now) that, come next April 15, I should just flip off Uncle Sam and cheat on my taxes.

I mean, sure, breaking the law bothers some people.  EN mentions that: “The issue before us is not whether law should be obeyed in normal circumstances.  We all agree on that.”  I feel better already, and my editorial brain is already forming the next sentence before I read it, and it has something to do with ours being abnormal circumstances.

“The question is: Under what circumstances is it appropriate to disobey a law?”  Close enough!

As it turns out, cheating on my taxes is biblical.  You doubt?  Well maybe you’ve forgotten that recognizing that “the law is not everything” is “a biblical principle.”  You must have also forgotten that Daniel flouted the “laws of the Medes and Persians” to pray to the Lord.  You must have accidentally not-remembered Rahab’s treason against the devil-worshiping pagans of Jericho.  You must be having a senior moment when it comes to Jesus and the Jewish...

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