Leftists, Creationists, and Useful Idiots

Not everyone here in the Bluegrass State was delighted by the 2007 opening of the Creation Museum in Boone County.  “There’s been such a push in recent years to improve science education,” a representative of the Kentucky Paleontology Society gloomily observed, yet creationism “still hangs around.”  Church-state separation activists were particularly upset that the government in Frankfort has extended to the museum millions in tax credit, and the Lexington Herald-Leader only stoked the fire with its claim that Answers In Genesis—the museum’s parent organization—has exaggerated the economic benefit of creationist tourism.  AIG has thus far overcome legal challenges to its initiative, however, and its ambitious project entered phase two last year when Amish carpenters and AIG workmen completed a gigantic representation of Noah’s ark in nearby Grant County.  For the fundamentalist, northern Kentucky is well on its way to becoming a cross between Rome and Disney World.  “Take your family on a vacation with purpose,” reads an advertisement for an upcoming conference featuring AIG president Ken Ham.

The museum grounds enclose a petting zoo, the pleasant greenery of Japanese-style gardens, and a series of ponds traversable by pontoon bridges.  Inside the museum are a planetarium, lecture hall, gift shops, and “The Walk Through History.” ...

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