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Learning to Hate George Zimmerman

The 2013 Summer of Race has come to a close, and thanks to endless badgering from the media, America remains sharply divided.  We’re told that on one side are those who care deeply about the plight of blacks in America and, on the other, are racists of varying degrees who are glad that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin and would love to attend a plantation-style wedding with Paula Deen.

In the months leading up to the Zimmerman trial, casual observers who get their news from mainstream sources were treated to a steady stream of lies about the case.  These sources alleged that Zimmerman was a white man who racially profiled a baby-faced black child who was innocently walking home in the rain with candy purchased for his little brother.  Zimmerman, a racist vigilante “cop wannabe,” disobeyed a direct order from police to stay in his vehicle, pursuing the boy and confronting him.  In an heroic attempt to defend himself, young Trayvon fought off his malevolent stalker “armed only with a pack of Skittles,” until Zimmerman, who had called Martin a “f--king coon,” drew his pistol and murdered Martin in cold blood.

The racist, cop-wannabe narrative was the product of the Al Sharpton-Jesse Jackson “race hustler” regime.  Those were the words of former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant, who accused the reverends of using Trayvon Martin’s death as “bait...

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