Under the Black Flag

Laugh Riot

If you think comedy is dead, just read Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest proposals regarding a Palestinian state and try to keep a straight face.  “Let us begin peace negotiations immediately without preconditions,” says the comedian, and then proceeds to state the following preconditions: Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank, where Palestinians hope to build a homeland, must be allowed to continue; Jerusalem must be declared the capital of Israel; refugees must be denied the right of return; and last but not least, the new Palestinian state is to be demilitarized and denied its own airspace rights.  Is it possible for us to ascertain what the Israeli prime minister was trying to accomplish by using those two words, “without preconditions”?

Well, let’s try.  What about setting more obstacles in the path of an already stymied peace process?  Or leaving nothing to the Palestinians to negotiate about?  Or putting the Palestinians in a situation where he looks like he offered something, and they said no?  What is very clear is that Netanyahu rejects the two-state solution and is telling Obama and his crew to go to hell.

What is also rather funny is the Obama administration’s response.  “The Netanyahu government took a big step forward in acknowledging for the first time the need for a two-state solution,” says a White House flunky.  The mind reels. ...

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